You should use email in order to communicate with me about any tasks, projects, and aspects pertaining to the website. I do this to make sure that anything you send me is properly tracked and accounted for to make sure that nothing falls through the cracks.

Anytime you send an email, it'll create a ticket for us to track. I would love for you to go ahead and please send an email to make sure that there's no issues. I will reply via there to confirm that it's working. The address to use is  

Phone Calls

Place the call on my calendar. Please pick a time that works best for you.
Schedule a 15-minute call here

“Office Hours”
I do have specific office hours from 12 pm -  5 pm EST. This doesn’t mean I’m not working other hours :-) I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I do respect your time and I hope that you can respect mine as well. During the off times, please don’t expect a call from me or even an email. I may send an email from time to time, but it’s not guaranteed. I guarantee though that you will not get any phone calls after hours.

Obviously if there’s an emergency during off hours, I will address it accordingly. An emergency consists of your website being offline or your checkout process is not taking payments.